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Rhode Island Commandery
Military Order
of the
Loyal Legion
of the
United States



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Lieutenant General of the Army, Victor of Appomattox & President of the United States (Hiram) Ulysses S. Grant, MOLLUS# 02006; Major General & 1st MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief George Cadwalader, MOLLUS# 00060; Captain 10th RIVI, RI State Guard AG & RI Governor Elisha Dyer, Sr., MOLLUS# 03163; Brigadier General, RI Governor & RI US Senator William Sprague, MOLLUS# 00095; Lieutenant General of the Army, Victor of Atlanta & March to the Sea, William T. Sherman, MOLLUS# 04567; Lieutenant General of the Army, Victor of the Shenandoah & 4th MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief, Philip H. Sheridan, MOLLUS# 00750; Major General & RI Author of “Casey’s Tactics” Standard US Army Manual, Silas Casey, MOLLUS# 00370; Lieutenant 58th MVI & RI GAR Founder of the RI SUVCW Theodore A. Barton, MOLLUS# 05795; Major General, Builder of the Transcontinental Rail Road, Founder of Dodge City, KS. & 12th MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief Grenville M. Dodge, MOLLUS# 00484; Major General, RI Hero of Gettysburg & Founder of the American Civil Engineers Society George S. Greene, MOLLUS# 05520; Major 23rd OVI & President of the United States William McKinley, MOLLUS# 03029; Major General, Vice Presidential Candidate, 2nd Commander-in-Chief of the GAR & Creator of Memorial Day John A. Logan, MOLLUS# 01947; Admiral US Navy, Victor of New Orleans & Mobile David G. Farragut, MOLLUS# 00221; Brigadier General, President of the United States & Re-builder of the US Navy Chester A. Arthur, MOLLUS# 02430; Major General & President of the United States Benjamin Harrison, MOLLUS# 02454; Lieutenant General of the Army, MOH Hero of Chancellorsville, Victor 9 Indian Campaigns & 20th MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief Nelson A. Miles, MOLLUS# 01818; Major 22nd NYVI, Ship’s Surgeon USS Lackawanna US Navy & Founder of RI GAR Arnold Post No. 4 Dr. William F. Hutchinson, MOLLUS# 01533; Lieutenant General of the Army, MOH Hero of Missionary Ridge Chattanooga & 15th MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief Arthur MacArthur, MOLLUS# 00648; Major General of the Army, RI Governor, RI US Senator, Founder of the NRA & 3rd GAR Commander-in-Chief Ambrose E. Burnside, MOLLUS# 00889; Lieutenant Colonel 2nd RIVI, GAR Sr. Vice Commander-in-Chief, Founder of the RI Soldiers & Sailors Historical Society Elisha H. Rhodes, MOLLUS# 09476; Major General, 3rd MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief & President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes, MOLLUS# 02175; Lieutenant Colonel RIM, RI Governor & Father of the RI National Guard Elisha Dyer, Jr., MOLLUS# 11212; Major General, MOH 7th RIVI Hero of Fredericksburg Zenas R. Bliss, MOLLUS# 02601; Major General, MOH 2nd RIVI Hero of 1st Bull Run, Victor of several Indian Campaigns & RI namesake of Wheaton College and Wheaton, MD. Frank Wheaton, MOLLUS# 02147; Lieutenant General of the Army, Victor of the Franklin, TN. and N. Carolina Campaigns and with Sherman for the Rebel surrender in N.C., 9th MOLLUS Commander-in-Chief John M. Schofield, MOLLUS# 01274; Greatest President of the United States Abraham Lincoln (Posthumously).

RI ASUVCW Elisha Dyer Auxiliary 2
Supporting the Cranston Historical Society, the
Governor Sprague Mansion
and the
RI Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum's 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial events, endorsed by
the Governor’s Rhode Island
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

The great music you are hearing is performed by the Providence Brigade Band, an RI MOLLUS recommended Civil War Period educational resource for all classroom levels. The Band is a non profit organization. The organization collects rare period instruments and they use many of them to get authenticity in their unique sound. Their material is a must for all teachers and classroon programs for all age levels. The song heard on this webpage is "Yankee Doodle" recorded on their CD "Brass Band Journal", © 2001, Rhode Island Brassworks, inc., recording engineered by Lass Tech Studio, Rhode Island. See the Providence Brigade Band Website HERE.

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